We are Sether®

Using Blockchain Technology to enhance marketing techniques, automate and manage influencer campaigns, mediate client-agency work and tokenise future products and services.

Advertising agencies

The ace in your sleeve in any pitch.
We provide a new environment for client-agency work, where insights and results are drawn from all social networks, using Big Data and AI technology. Deploying social campaigns on this platform guarantees a transparent and result oriented experience for your clients.

What SETHER does for you


A modern solution to monetize your online influence in a secure and transparent fashion.
Register on the platform to gain access to the social media campaigns you can take part in, and get rewards, gratifications or crypto for your wallet.
Non stop work, for all influencer levels.

What SETHER does for you


The brave visionaries that make the world turn.
Use the power of the Blockchain, Big Data and AI to deploy marketing campaigns and get the best analytics to steer your business strategy towards success.
All the platform features are simple to use.
You could easily do it by yourself, but you'll get plenty of help from us along the way.

What SETHER does for you