Time to own
your ad campaigns


I want to change how I do campaigns

Improve my workflow

I want every aspect of the campaign to be transparent: who the agency works with, what’s the real cost of my ads or how much each influencer costs. I want to avoid any hidden deals or gray areas, because I care who I work with and how my budget is spent.

What else can I improve ?

Improve my KPI

It should be clear which KPI’s are relevant for the campaign strategy, and why. This way, I can make the proper decisions in case some ad doesn’t perform and do it at the right time, so I can still profit. Can someone supervise my agency and make sure I’m getting the right info?

Are there other features ?


Properly evaluate
a campaign

How did it work? Show me the big picture. Let’s see what went wrong and what went right with my campaign, without embellishing the results, or overlooking important details. Were there any mistakes? Who should bear the responsibility?

What about other features ?


How we use the Blockchain?

The Blockchain makes data secure. And transparent. Here’s how:

All the details of your agreement with the agency are stored in the Blockchain: the deliverables deadlines, the KPI’s you’re going to follow and the KPI goals the agency commits to. We do this in order to use its impenetrable security and transparence, but also its automating capabilities: the Blockchain tracks each KPI value and if they reached their goals. Then, it automatically calculates an efficiency score. It’s like an automated referee.

The social platforms
Sether can track your campaign on:

We’re active already

Win pitches. By offering to work in a transparent medium that measures all the KPIs involved and regulates the payments according to results, you secure the client’s trust and present a unique guarantee of your commitment to the project, offering fair treatment for both parties, according to results.





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