You will be outraged at how easy it is to get viral on Facebook

There is a new way to bypass low organic reach and get viral in hours, thank the Blockchain.

These days you need to spend buckets of coin to get known on social networks like Facebook. Organic visibility is at its lowest low and reach is expensive. If you have a business that wants to promote services or products online, you need to invest big to draw an audience.

The Behavioral Trick to driving your own reach

You don’t need Facebook ads and promoted posts to explode your audience. All you need to do is get users to promote you themselves, but to do that — they to be properly motivated. This is where Sether comes in. Motivating your clients and audience is the key, and you can do this using Smart Contracts. The Sether Platform has the solution to create custom blockchain marketing campaigns that automatically reward your clients if they promote your brand on Facebook.

How a post can get spread over 2 continents without paying Facebook

When you run an online campaign, the chance it has to get viral is zero if you don’t boost its audience. But if individual users are separately motivated to share and spread your post — the story changes. How do you do it? Using Sether’s Bounty Campaign Feature.

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