The ultimate truth cocktail: blockchain, politics & Sether

Hailed for its transparency and immutability, the blockchain stands for empowered users, process integrity, and as a beacon for decentralization. Now, it will also stand for fair and transparent social media use. Using Sether, the first smart social media data oracle, political campaigns will be able to provide fairness and transparency to the public.

The hottest thing about the blockchain is that it enables users to share a database without a central administrator. Blockchain transactions enforce rules using integrated validity proof and authorization; all transactions can be verified and processed independently.

No middlemen

That is good for everyone. A database is a tangible thing. If a database is stored on a particular system, anyone with access can easily tamper with data. Using a third party to intermediate the process can prevent problems, but it takes a lot of money, time and personnel. The blockchain replaces these third-party organizations with a distributed database, locked down by clever cryptography.

A B2B platform for fair and transparent social media use

It’s all about social networks. Sether is a service that moves, monitors and analyses social media data. It means that working with social networks can become an automated process. Checking and validating posts, tweets or reach can be done as an automated process, using established rules. Distributing budgets, paying for jobs and supporters — all can be easily automated. And its super-safe and super-transparent, because it’s using the blockchain.

Why should politicians care about the blockchain?

The advantages of running a transparent social media campaign using the blockchain are evident. Whether you’re a republican or a democrat, a blockchain campaign means that your campaign budget, rules, actions, and payoffs are visible to anyone, and most importantly, that they cannot be tampered with. The latest media scandals in the US and EU created a massive online trust void, political figures being greatly affected by this.

Obviously, by choosing the blockchain as a policy regulator and transparency voucher for your campaign makes you invulnerable to any susceptibility regarding your intentions or results. All is visible. All is upfront. Plus — it’s way, way easier to control a campaign if you automate it.

How to run a transparent political campaign on social media

All features will be available on Sether: you will be able to split your budget into multiple jobs, on a timeline. For example, you may have to work with 2 advertising agencies, 1 social media agency, and with special influencers, on separate channels. You will be able to assign a budget and a different desired outcome from each of these entities.

We set up a number of smart contract rules so different entities can use this budget. For example, each approved agency must post pre-approved content. Only when the content is live they can get paid. You can schedule the payment to happen automatically.

We can set rules according to each specific networking platform. You can automatically check how many times a supporter posted on Facebook and Twitter within a week, and automatically pay them a predetermined sum, or allocate a percent of a sum.

To gain trust and good PR, you set up a page where everyone can see who did what in your campaign.

Start your campaign

Register and start your own campaign using Sether’s Bounty Campaign Feature, currently offering only the basic tools. A quick look here: