The Sixteen Thousand Silent Partners

It takes a large number of enthusiastic believers in the blockchain to power up a revolutionary business idea. Sixteen thousand, to be exact. These people are intimidatingly smart, all visionaries with titanium nerves to the last. They smelled a good idea a mile away, many of them from thousands of miles, and now hold the barometer of our success in their crypto-wallets. We want them to stay close and join Sether in this new venture. Here’s how we plan to work with them.

First, we confirm their expectations and deliver the Sether Alpha. Our developers are running at full capacity, the launch of the platform is scheduled for the beginning of February. A promise is a promise. The platform will permit the enlisting of influencers, agencies, and entrepreneurs. The main marketing utility will be a data collection loyalty program, easing the introduction between our influencers and the brands testing the platform.

Our end of the deal: the platform

But these people don’t just expect a product. They expect this product to be successful. So the second thing we have to do is drive business on the platform. The Seth utility token will start powering up API calls to social networks at the beginning of February, with the launch of the Sether Alpha. The marketing tools offered on the platform use smart contracts to bring data from social networks. The more our services are used by advertising agencies, influencers or entrepreneurs, the greater the demand for SETH tokens. This will lead to a stable, solid SETH coin on exchanges.

This would fulfill everyone’s expectations of us. But we’re not stopping at this. We will offer more.

Strategy, communication, and advertising

Since we believe it to be essential for success, we will also deliver on the advertising and promotion side. With this in mind, we partnered up with the forward thinkers from Share Creative. The London based, online specialised ad agency will promote our platform. We’re also brainstorming regularly for a brand-new image for Sether, visuals and promo concepts. Our strategy-driven campaigns will grow the adoption of crypto currencies, bringing more and more marketing clients and influencers on the platform.

We will also keep contact with everyone in the community on the same channels, like always, but with a way bigger team. So get ready for quicker replies, everyone.

Sixteen thousand cool influencers

Besides the novel mechanism of our business, we also plan to offer the most advanced marketing tools and analytics on the market, adding unparalleled reach, financial control and transparency to brands, while nurturing the independence of — potentially — the entire online influencer community.

Starting in the early development stages, we will offer our Sixteen thousand silent partners the opportunity to participate, with priority, in any campaign that runs on the platform, as long as they fit the target profile. The Sether community will receive special notifications, and — as long as they have an account on the platform, be able to participate in campaigns and gain financial bonuses, perks or other incentives.

Sixteen thousand mediators

Another bold plan we intend to put into practice is assigning the Sether Community with the responsibility of mediating potential conflicts between influencers and agencies or brands. This will become a thing when clients will start working with content approval on the platform, in one of the later releases.

The community will be, of course, rewarded for its involvement in settling these conflicts. Everybody wins.

What the Sether community can do for Sether

We will do everything in our power to reward and keep these people as happy as possible. But ultimately, only the success of Sether can do that properly. And while we do what we can in order to make it so, these people could also help it along that way. To do this, they have more power than they guess. The many owners of our token can advocate our platform at work, on their social networks or on markets everywhere. Even more, we hope to get their advice as often as possible. These people have really good business noses.

A look into the near future

We will add new marketing functionalities each month, from now on. In the following releases, we will also develop a Token Holder section on our site, where we will keep our Sixteen Thousand informed, also offering them special opportunities and responsibilities on the platform.

We have some great ideas coming up this year, making the Sether platform the go-to place for agencies and brands: KPI Development, Payment Monitoring, Proof-of-Performance and even a brand new Product Development mechanism.

We salute our Community. Spread the world and bring more into the crypto game.