The 2nd AMA Telegram Session with Sether’s CTO

A few days ago we’ve had our 2nd AMA session, held by our CTO, F. Burca, on our Telegram channel. As you already know, we like to deep dive into what the community has to say as we truly value the feedback we get. Moreover, we undertake the mission of integrating the feedback, aiming to constantly improve our product. During the AMA a lot of interesting questions were asked, and we invite you to see what you missed.

The questions that were asked during the AMA session and of course, the answers, are to be found below.

  • What is Sether’s plan, given the Facebook regulation accordingly to which apps that are in Development mode will no longer be able to retrieve public data from their API? And which will be the plan if the same regulations will apply to Twitter, Instagram etc, as well?
    Sether is still waiting for Facebook’s approval, but there shouldn’t be any concerns regarding this matter, the submission process has been completed.
    “Our Facebook app is submitted for review and we are waiting for approval from Facebook, so there are no concerns here. There are no concerns for other platforms as well since they will not be changing their APIs.”

  • On which other exchanges will Sether be listed?
    Sether has submitted applications to the top 10 exchanges. As we speak, we are waiting for feedback from their side, as the next step belongs to the exchanges.
    “We submitted applications to all top 10 exchanges. It’s a process that takes months, and we have no control over it.”

  • Is there a date for Facebook data integration? When will it be ready? Does Sether have any plan for Instagram and VK integration?
    The Facebook integration has been completed, waiting for approval from their side and both Instagram and VK will be added.
    “FB integration is ready, we are waiting for FB’s approval. Instagram is also Facebook so it depends on FB. VK will be added.”

  • When will the Sether platform be ready?
    Great news! The platform is ready, currently undergoing the final bug fixing stage.
    “The platform is ready, we are conducting the final bug fixing stage. It will be open for the public on 15th of June.”

  • What’s the status of Sether’s partnerships?
    Onboarding for both agencies and brands has begun.
    “We have already started to onboard advertising agencies and brands. There is a lot of interest in Sether.”

  • Will there be any improvements in terms of UI for Sether 2.0?
    UI has improved and we’ll continue the improvement process.
    “Completely different UI, mobile friendly.”

  • Apart from Cannes, what other events will Sether attend?
    We have a series of events in mind and once we get back from Cannes, we will update the community about what’s next.
    “We will publish that after Cannes of course.”

  • When can we expect automated like/retweet bounties on twitter + media/bitcointalk/reddit etc bounties. Is it coming with Sether 2.0?
    Sether 2.0 is all about marketing campaign governance, KPIs, smart contract payments etc.
    “2.0 is focused on marketing campaign governance, KPIs, smart contract payments and much more. 2.0 will bring a new website, as well together with monthly and yearly subscriptions.”

  • Is Sether looking for partnerships in Asia?
    The answer is:
    “Yes, we are.”

  • Do you have metrics for the Code Of Talent’s campaign?
    The Campaign is running at its own pace. For the time being, 300 users have joined it.
    “Code of Talent was a beta testing campaign for Sether and this is why there are still issuers. We did not yet onboard influencers for Code of Talent, so it’s running at its own pace. I believe there are around 300 users that joined the campaign.”

  • Will there be no multi-platform ICO bounties in the near future at all? Will the focus be on brands?
    Sether 2.0 will be brands and advertising agencies oriented.
    “Sether’s main focus will be brands and advertising agencies. 2.0 will mean the start of marketing and sales activities for Sether also.”

  • How is Sether going to sell the platform so people will start using it? By email, face to face or how?
    From recruiting a big sales team to online ad campaigns, networking and presentations, we aim to establish awareness and of course, new partnerships.
    “We now have a great product that we need to sell to brands and advertising agencies accross the globe. We are recruiting a big sales team that will handle all geographic regions. The sales process will be both through email and face to face for enterprise accounts. We will also start online ad campaigns (google, facebook, twitter etc.) to create awareness in the marketing/advertising industry.”

  • What is your target market? USA? Europe? ASIA?
    We will begin with the US and Europe.
    “The first targets are Europe and USA because of the connections we have in these regions. We are in the process of opening an UK office as well that will handle UK and West Europe sales.”

  • Does Sether have any media meetings at Cannes Lions?
    We are to meet contacts we have previously engaged in conversations and we will also hold a press conference and a couple of presentations.
    “Of course, we will hold a press conference.”

  • Which are the expectations in terms of clients in the first month once the platform is open for the public?
    We target 500 customers by the end of the year.
    “We have 18 agencies and and 14 brands waiting for 2.0 to start working. We target 500 customers by the end of the year.”
  • Will Sether’s revenue consist of subscriptions or are there any other revenue streams?
    Subscriptions will the source of revenue.
    “Sether’s revenue will be from monthly subscriptions.”

  • Does the team discuss about this price down? Does your team have any plan to set it right?
    The price is an important aspect for us and we are confident in its growth with Sether 2.0 on its way.
    “Of course, this is our number one concern. However, once 2.0 is live things should start to go up.”

  • Will the payment be made via Sether token or dollars?
    Both options will be available.
    “Both payment methods will be accepted. If a business pays in fiat, Sether will automatically purchase seth tokens from Hitbtc.”

  • Will Sether focus more on marketing?
    Marketing is and will be our focus and you will get to see this unravelling in a consistent way.
    “We need the product to do aggressive marketing. We are trying to build an organic business, not just useless hype. We are really close to 2.0 and aggressive marketing is on its way.”

  • Will McAfee be playing any role in the future? Does he follow the project with interest?
    McAfee is Sether’s Advisor and we will help promoting Sether among the business community.
    “McAfee will help us promote Sether to the business community.”

  • Do you have any estimates on how much demand for the token will the agencies and brands will generate?
    “Not at this time. We will have a good idea at the end of the summer.”
  • What is your advice to us Holders and ICO Investors?
    A little bit of trust and a little bit of hodling will show some great results. Things will improve, trust us.
    “HODL. Things will start to improve soon.”


One big THANK YOU to all the trendSETHERs!