Sether releases 1.0 Beta, a solution to the recent Twitter crypto ban

Twitter just banned crypto ads. Fortunately, you no longer need them, as you can now use the Sether 1.0 Beta release to promote whatever you want through the power of the influencers. The new Sether release is equipped with two of the most important tools in today’s marketing: one to know your audience – Data Collection, and the other to work with it – Influencer Campaigns.

Since it’s getting harder and harder to promote your products, we’re empowering conventional marketing with blockchain tech and offer every marketer a chance to test the power of these new tools. Our new influencer campaign feature gives marketers the possibility to work directly with hundreds of influencers and closely orchestrate their campaigns, giving their Twitter posts the chance to spread organically, through micro-influencers.


Our Marketing Tools

The Data Collection tool in our previous release helps brands make their own influencer data-base, incentivising followers to share their personal data by offering them Seth coins.  The Influencer Campaign tool we just released takes incentivising even further and lets any brand enlist influencers for a fixed amount of time and assign them tasks to help promote their objectives on Twitter (more social platforms to be integrated in the following release).

This is where gamification comes into play. Each influencer can perform the weekly tasks – liking or retweeting a certain number of promo materials on the brand page – and earn points. At the end of the campaign, the budget set by the brand at the beginning is split between all the participants, each influencer receiving part of it, according to the number of points he accumulated.

The organiser of the campaign can validate the participation of any influencer, before he starts performing tasks, by checking their social network page, stats or post quality.

At the end, the campaign budget will be automatically divided between the participants according to how many points they managed to gather, and then automatically transferred to everybody’s platform wallet.

Using the Influencer Campaign tool, brands will be able to organically circulate their promo materials on social networks, relying on influencers to spread them on their own pages, reaching their entire social circles, dramatically decreasing a brand’s Social Network budget expenses.


Testing Sether

The current version is deployed on the Rinkeby test net, in a test environment. During the next month we will test the Beta for bugs, so if you want to help us by reporting them, please use the link on the green header stripe on

The testnet allowed us to offer all registrants 1000 Test SETHs and 0.1 test Ethereum, to be used on the platform for test purposes. So everybody should be generous. Register now to get yours.


Network Integration

The process to integrate Facebook into Sether is not finished yet, our application is under approval. This means that registering on Sether with your Facebook account and holding Facebook influencer campaigns are currently unavailable.  For test purposes, this Beta release will offer complete Twitter integration.


Onboarding users

Sether 1.0 Beta can be used by influencers – micro and macro – and by any brand or entrepreneur. After choosing to be either one, a “guide mode” is set to welcome new users and explain the work environment. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems, we will guide you through step-by-step, if needed.

Use-cases and how-to videos are on the making, and will be made available as soon as possible, along with an entire section on the site dedicated to teaching everyone about blockchain marketing how to use our tools.


We are Sether