Post Event Evaluation: Sether at Cannes Lions 2018

Demos, meetings and presentations

93 demos. 15 business meetings, 3 presentations and an incommensurable amount of positive feedback.

As you already know, a few days ago we went to Cannes Lions and we’ve presented our main service, which is Advertising Arbitration through the Blockchain. Sether facilitates a pay-per-effect relationship between client and ad agency.

And everything happens on our online platform. The two parties of the arbitration deal input all details about the campaign: budget split, brief, timeline, campaign KPI objectives, and campaign channels. The Blockchain, then, monitors the effect of the campaign on all channels for the entire duration. At the end of the campaign, an overall efficiency score is generated, along with the corresponding part of the budget that has to be paid to the agency, for their creative effort. All automatically. And you should know everybody was thrilled to hear about it.

Cannes Lions has been great for Sether, that is a fact, as we were able to meet and talk to representatives of important brands (from a very diversified portfolio of industries – telecommunications companies, multinational technology companies, entertainment, consumer goods, manufacturing just to name a few) and also, representatives of quite a few agencies.

Brands and agencies from all over the world have got a taste of our blockchain arbitrating service and the feeling they gave us while doing so is that we are definitely heading towards the right direction. We are thrilled to carry on this path, while constantly improving and growing.

Another important aspect that we would like to share with you is that while performing the demos, we could see a lot of excitement regarding our product and what is more important, we have also managed to collect precious insights that will help us with improving further on.

Also, we have a lot of meetings lined up for the upcoming 2 months, which is a great sign, letting us know that the advertising industry is hungry for innovation and improvement and of course, we are here to step in and make it matter. In a nutshell, we’re looking forward to weaving arbitration within the advertising world.

Digital Future Council and Sether

What is the Digital Future Council? Well, in an attempt to “bridge the gap between media and technology,” a supergroup of prominent leaders on both the agency and brand sides have united to launch the Digital Future Council, which aims to guide marketers through emerging tech and its potential use in advertising.

Founding members include executives from The LEGO Group, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment, Havas Media, Hearst Digital Media and advertising agencies.

And the good news is that while at Cannes Lions, we were part of the Digital Future Council works, namely, a series of events focused on blockchain technology, based on demand from creative communities. And we hope Sether will be part of this community permanently from now on and we couldn’t be more excited.

The council will host quarterly events around the globe, with each event centred on the impact of a different emerging technology. The goal of these events will be to ignite meaningful debate and conversations, formulate tangible advice, and promulgate best practices for the global marketing and advertising communities when integrating new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain.

Once again, we are very excited to be part of the Digital Future Council as creatives, tech-savvy marketers and advertisers unite in order to drive constructive innovation and we will be there to help out with this endeavour.

Brands and Sether

When it comes to what happened at Cannes Lions with the brands we’ve met, a thing has surfaced as crystal clear: it seems that everybody was waiting for something like Sether to pop up and help them along the way by offering transparency, efficiency and innovative tools in a very competitive environment.

Brands were both intrigued and excited by the arbitrating aspect that Sether brings to the marketing table. We’ve interacted with brands from the US, Europe and Asia while at the festival and we have understood that their initial main concern was mostly related to them being unfamiliar to the whole blockchain technology. And this is an aspect we also had in mind before going to Cannes, and that’s why we decided not to refrain ourselves from being educators, if necessary and we did just so. And as it turned out, the greatest thing happened. As we talked and guided them through how things can be done via Sether, and what the use of blockchain technology implies, this fear of the unknown has easily been tamed and they did not come short when it came to be seeing the benefits.

And as expected, once the benefits are put in balance, the decision of bringing arbitration into your business seems to become so much easier. And how do we know their decision was a bit easier? It’s as simple as that, they have all agreed to meet with us post-Cannes in order to talk a bit more about what Sether can do for them.

Agencies and Sether

In connection to the agencies we’ve got the pleasure to interact at Cannes Lions, there is one important conclusion we would love to share – they are open to embrace transparency. And the fact that Sether brings this to them has arrived at the perfect time, as brands are eager to commit to a transparent, hustle free environment when it comes to the brands-agency equation – we could really gain momentum.

Agencies were deeply enthusiastic about the payment mechanisms and the transparency Sether can offer and about the fact they can pitch blockchain as an innovative tool they can bring in front of their clients. We have talked to more than 20 agencies (mostly from Europe, but also the US) and they were quite thrilled about one particular aspect, namely, that of being able to secure the client’s trust from the beginning and so, setting up the correct premises for a long-lasting relationship, enabling them to prove performance with facts and maintain the same quality of service.

And we bring even more great news. We are in the process of follow-up meetings with the agencies we met at Cannes. So, the future looks bright, the future looks blockchain and above all, Sether is here to place its fingerprint on the DNA of advertising, introducing arbitration.

Last but not least… 

We would like to send out a big heartfelt thank you to everybody we met at Cannes Lions, to the organizers for doing such an amazing job and to everybody who supported and will continue to support us along our way. An amazing journey is ahead of us, Sether Community – So, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

And never forget: always #BeATrendSETHER!