Clients used to pay in full,
regardless of the outcome.
Not anymore.

This is how business used to work: the client contracts an online agency to run a campaign based on hearsay or prizes. No matter how the campaign performs, the agency invoices the client for the costs, and the client pays in 30 to 90 days. This arrangement has many obvious downsides.
To create a truly competitive field on Sether, brands can now contract the services of an online advertising agency, then run and monitor the entire process through the platform, from the creative process to the actual results of the campaign. Finally, the client only pays for the results.

Turn target KPI's into more than promises

To start a campaign, the client and the agency agree to the project deliverables and choose a set of Key Performance Indicators to reflect the performance of the campaign. At the end of the campaign, these KPIs decide what percentage of the objective was achieved.
These objectives are programmed into a Blockchain Smart Contract and cannot be changed until the completion of the campaign.

The one who makes a campaign can be truly responsible for its results

The Brand and the Agency agree to clear objectives, then the Brand loads the funds for the project on the Blockchain, where they are secured by the Smart Contract supervising the KPI values, for the entire duration of the project. The Blockchain acts as an Escrow account, holding the funds, then automatically distributing them to the Agency, depending on the performance of the campaign.

Split the budget between the creative process and the implementation

The Brand needs the agency to create the campaign, and then to implement it. On Sether the budget is split between the two before work on the project begins. By fully providing the creative part of the campaign, the agency secures only part of the budget. The balance is paid according to how much of the KPI values were obtained.

Tamper-proof Smart Contracts remember all KPIs and hold the budget

Each time a campaign is setup between the Brand and the Agency, a Smart Contract will be programmed to remember all KPIs and brief deliverables, as well as to hold the entire budget for the duration of the campaign.
Like an Escrow account, the Smart Contract releases a part of the budget after the agency sends all deliverables, and the other part at the end of the campaign, after checking, and according to KPI completion.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators on your own projects if you run campaigns internally

Our main feature is Arbitration, but the platform can be used to simply monitor Key Performance Indicators on a project you run internally, without using the services of an agency. Campaign monitoring is used to motivate employees, to learn about your audience or to continually improve products or services.

Brand Advantages

Motivate the agency to perform at its best

Establishing benchmarks, goals and efficiency bonuses for campaign performance will create a truly competitive environment for agencies, driving creativity and promoting professionalism in the field. And get you really cool campaigns.

Work with performance-based payments

You only pay for results. Working with an agency no longer implies spending the entire budget with no regard to the outcome of the campaign. You can now split it between Agency Performance and Campaign Performance, and a Smart Contract will calculate automatically how much you have to pay for each, according to what the Agency delivered and how the campaign performed.

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Dynamic Budget Management

Set what value of your budget is spent on Agency Deliverables and how much goes to Campaign Performance. If the campaign only achieves 50% of the promised KPI values, you only pay 50% of the Campaign Performance Budget.
Use the rest to fuel your next campaign and make up for eventual losses.

Dispute resolving

Since you hold all the funds in the Blockchain until the completion of the campaign, which then releases them automatically, according to the gathered results, there is little ground left for conflicts regarding evaluation and remuneration.
The entire process is transparent, and all the data is collected automatically by us using official and totally transparent monitoring and analysis tools like Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube.

Update your technology

Sether offers you the utmost advanced tech, 360 social network surveying, sales monitoring, sentiment analysis and The Blockchain – a new financial infrastructure that transfers and controls funds instantly, without any possible interference from any outside factors.

Use the latest marketing tools

From client data collection and influencer campaign management, to agency pitching, campaign gamification and even a smart way to launch and sustain new products or services through the process of tokenization, Sether brings to your fingertips a set of marketing and monitoring tools adapted to the modern market.
We employ the power of the Blockchain to automate previously complex processes, simplify payments and update marketing strategies. All the tools are integrated and modular, they can work together or independently.

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Agency Advantages

Competitive edge

Win pitches. By offering to work in a transparent medium that measures all the KPIs involved and regulates the payments according to results, you secure the client’s trust and present a unique guarantee of your commitment to the project, offering fair treatment for both parties.

Guaranteed payments

The client loads up the entire budget of the campaign on the Blockchain, which automatically releases it as the project reaches certain pre-approved goals. Waiting to get paid will become a thing of the past. By securing the payment for a project as it unfolds, you can count on your finances, grow and secure the necessary cash-flow for day-to-day operations.

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On-the-go campaign adjustment

You get live campaign monitoring and analysis. This means that both the client and you, the agency, are informed about the evolution of the campaign on the go. If the results do not reach certain levels, you can change or adapt the campaign, in order to get the desired effects.

Impartial performance arbitration

It may be hard to objectively assess the creativity of a campaign, but its results are solid and cannot be questioned. With these in hand, any dispute can be resolved, and any conflict avoided.

New technologies

By offering your client the use of the newest and most advanced technologies you will secure your position as innovators and the necessary edge in a competitive environment.

Market insights

Acquire a new level of understanding of your target audience and how to motivate it, create better products, or more efficient campaigns.

New advertising tools

New technology always creates new marketing and advertising tools. With its financial model and networking capabilities, the Blockchain is a perfect framework for gamification. Its unique structure can be used to create new interesting tools that better motivate everybody involved.

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