Use modern tools to upgrade
advertising workflow

Advertising: an amazing profession, performed by amazing people. Its only problem is being stuck in the past. A past when huge budgets blindly pushed massive campaigns, with results that were impossible to measure in any other way than sales figures.

But those times are gone.

Today everything can be projected and accounted for: strategy, targeting, results. To make online advertising efficient and keep pace with all modern social platforms, a brand needs to perfectly calibrate their expenses and workflow with the agency.
Add transparency, control and efficiency to how you do advertising.

Smart campaign

It may not be traditional, but it’s fair. You can use our services and make a different, more specific deal with the creative agency. Instead of a rigid “we create, you pay”, you can agree on a set of KPI objectives for the campaign, measure its effects with Sether, and pay according to the percent in which those objectives were met.
The deadlines and deliverables you agree upon with the agency will be influencing the final score of the agency, so they also become negotiating assets.

Keep your budget
in check

You can use Sether to maximize your campaign budget. First, the agency fee. You may agree to a maximum fee with the agency, but it’s spent only if the campaign scores 100% of the KPI targets projected at the beginning. This means that unless the agency does a perfect job – which would be brilliant – you can re-invest part of that budget to improve the results of your campaign. You can even attain better control on your media expenses, by reacting quickly to under-performing indicators.

Use simple rules
to better manage your

Each duty you or the agency commit to is carefully followed through by Sether, including each deliverable for the future campaign. If the deadlines you set at the beginning of the campaign are breached, the agency gets a lower score, according to the extent of the breach. This will better motivate the agency, give you more control, a better view of the project status and, again, may save you some of the budget.

Better reaction time

By stating clear KPI goals to match your online strategy, the effects of the creative content produced by the agency for the campaign can be properly evaluated on the go and improved in time, if it under-performs. Understanding the audience and the effects of what you create is the only way to produce valuable content for a campaign. This will not only save your campaign if it needs saving but will empower that agencies creative department by giving it credit, letting it learn from its mistakes and by allowing the creatives to take controlled risks with new fresh concepts.

Infallible Monitoring

To help you find your way, Sether prioritized the KPI’s for every strategy, helping you track what’s important. And because it’s done automatically, no ill will or misguided intentions are possible. We do this as KPI’s and their interpretation can be a bit confusing. Some platforms measure something, other something else. Values can be interpreted in various ways, and media people will use them the way it is more convenient for the results.

Fast and secure workflow

Everyone knows exactly what they should be doing, all the time, coached by the platform. What documents should be prepared, what info is available, who works on the project, what materials need to be made, which of them are approved, what is tracked and what results the campaign produced, in each social platform you communicate.
This saves time, people and money by preventing delays and bottlenecks, reveals mistakes and points to the people responsible, at any time.

Control your
media expenses

Sether will inform you on how your ads perform and on their real cost. Since Sether has no interest in blowing up or embellishing any results, you will get the real picture without exception, and avoid any artificial budget inflation.

Agency fee settlement

When your project is done, and the campaign is over, you need to evaluate what happened and pay your agency accordingly. In the past, this meant deciding whether the agency deserves the bonus or not, based on a preferential set of numbers. By using Sether, you’ll get an automated report at the end of the campaign, where every commitment the agency took is compared to the actual results, and a score is calculated. This score will decide what the fee for the agency should be.

Teamwork with the agency

Sether is not necessarily a rigid tool. The brand can decide, together with the agency, what part of the budget is secured by the agency, and what part is subject to change. Sether evaluates each campaign in two parts, each with its own budget allocation. The first part – Agency Evaluation – happens before the campaign starts, and only the deliverables are evaluated. Provided all materials are delivered in time, this part of the budget is pretty secure. The second part – Campaign Evaluation – regards the effect of said materials, and depends on their efficiency, so it’s trickier to get a full score. Since you can control how the fee is distributed between these two parts, you can make it harder or easier for the agency.