Market your product on social media and boost your sales with crypto

Integrating smart contracts into your marketing strategy offers your business a super efficient crowd-powered advertising engine, giving clients a new way to interact with your brand and cutting supervising and monitoring costs at the same time.

Sether uses big data analyticsartificial intelligence, and behavioral science to understand every individual within your audience, enabling you to connect with them on a personal level.

Available tools

The platform is under development. Right now, you can already use features: our data collection tool and the Bounty Campaign tool.

What you’ll be working with starting July

By the end of July, you will be able to test 5 of the most important services Sether has to offer:

Customer Loyalty

Give discounts and promotional offers to specific customers if they promote your product on social channels. For example, if they tweeted about the last 5 items bought from your company, they automatically get a 15% discount on their next purchase. Using a smart contract.

Targeted advertising

Promote your products and services to reach your best customers in the way to which they are most likely to respond. Use Sether to know who should be targeted, how the messages should be constructed, and get the right message to the right person.

Audience Segmentation

We use predictive analytics to profile customer on psychological traits implicitly captured in behavioral data, or explicitly probed with quantitative research. From these profiles, we provide audience segmentations to create targetable groups of similar individuals.
By identifying population segments highly likely to respond to your brand, grouped by behavioral similarities, you can reach your most persuadable customers and prospects with the most persuasive tactics and campaigns.

Specific Promotions

Use Sether to offer direct promotional discounts based on your followers’ social activity. For example, one of your Facebook followers posts about a new phone that he likes. Offer him a 30% discount on that phone if he buys it from your site, in the next 5 days. Automatically, using a smart contract, to prove the offer and discount are real.

Referral Programs

There is no way to make sure that both sides of a referral program, the client, and the promoter, keep their promises. Using a smart contract, you could automatically pay a promoter 0,1 ETH only if they make a minimum of 40 posts, with a minimum of 70 characters. Both sides are happy.