Here’s what will happen if all your advertising invoices turn into smart contracts

The bigger the budget for an advertising campaign, the harder it is to control who gets paid to do what. This is because, on the inside, advertising is often organized in a pyramidal structure, where the most influential agents subcontract the budgets towards the newbies. True merit and right compensation often get lost in the haphazard, inefficient maze of exerted influence.

It’s a known fact that advertising campaigns are negotiated by influence managers and that the budgets are overstated to the benefit of the ones taking a lion’s share. The client cannot control it. It’s like a cultist organization: if you want to get in the game, you have to play by their rules. And these rules prevent you from efficiently spending your budget.

Why advertising was never a fair game for the direct benefiters

Advertising is a great field, where amazing people create the most amazing things. But it’s also an industry of smoke and mirrors, where people really know how to pull your strings. So while you think you’re making one deal, you’re actually making 10, because the agency you trusted with your account involves many other 3rd parties you do not know about in order to get the thing done. So a business that wants to promote itself needs to be very well versed in order to organize a campaign budget with some efficiency. And most often, we are not.

How to prevent your advertising budget getting wasted, thinned, or inflated out of control

What happens is that the most tedious and often most important tasks get passed on to smaller agencies or less famous freelancers. And on top of that, an agency has services to repay, compensations to offer and friendships to keep, so parts of your budget will be redirected in ways you cannot control. You make your deals, get your invoices and pay your dues, but you’ll never really know what happens to all this money.

The main disadvantage is inefficiency, and it’s affecting both the advertising agencies and their clients. The reduced effects of a campaign will hurt the agency portfolio and the trust invested in them.

The blockchain provides a means to clarify this fuzziness, offering something better than invoices: Smart Contracts. You can use the Sether platform to run your campaign, organize tasks and make the payments through Smart Contracts. It’s not only elegant but down straight necessary for conducting multi-layered projects in a safe and transparent manner for everyone involved.

By providing a budget, tasks and a timeline, all the payments become traceable, and all the recipients receive their money automatically upon the completion of their task. The smart contract budget pool also stands as a guarantee that you are able to pay the amount owed towards the provider while ensuring you also get your end of the deal.

Warning: you may have never experienced a fully efficient campaign

It’s possible. There are industry standards for campaign efficiency, and they include all the unnecessary twists, turns or delays. So even if you have a lot of experience, you may not be aware that things can work differently, because the system prevents it. And if you don’t change the way you interact with the system, you may never experience it. You may think agencies won’t want to switch systems, but you would be wrong. Besides the efficiency edge, an agency gains much more by securing timely payments, the bane of the industry. Activating your campaign with smart contracts will ensure that if you deliver the campaign, you automatically receive the money. You get no delays and no invoice stalling.

No country for ghostwriters or opportunistic marketers

Using a Smart Contract activated campaign makes it much harder to cash in without doing much. Why? Because everything is transparent. The payment trail will always point to every player involved, so a minimum investigation will provide a campaign manager with all the necessary information to want to, or avoid working with an agency or freelancer.

That means that if you’re not ready to deliver the workload, you better not even get involved. It also means that you suddenly become very visible if you have secretly been doing all the work.

Already feel like trying it out?

The Sether Platform will offer you the necessary environment to conduct your operations in crypto currency and to run smart contract activated campaigns. Of course, all of this comes on the side of our big data empowered marketing tools.

If you represent your business and want to run your own campaign, or if you work in advertising and want to blow your customers away with the most advanced campaign system — you should join our project immediately.