Good news from Austin, Texas: Sether supporters at SXSW

Ian Cassidy, the CEO of our partner agency Share Creative and Sether adviser just got back from Austin, Texas, where he got to talk to some of our investors and potential partners. Spoiler alert: they are blown away.

South by Southwest (SXSW) festival has hundreds thousands people flocking to Austin, Texas ever since 1987. There was a tech or interactive part (March 9-13), a film festival (March 9-17) and a music festival (March 9-12). This year, many were drawn to Austin not by the music or films but by the promise for some Blockchain and crypto news.
As a proof, on the first day of the festival, Friday 9 th of March, blockchain was the third most tweeted about theme in reference to speaker discussions, Twitter shared with Mashable.
“Everywhere you turned there was a blockchain meet up, party or talk” Ian told us as soon as he got to London, still jet lagged. Saturday, Joel Comm and Travis Wright from the Bad Crypto Podcast held a meeting at the Chuggin’ Monkey. Ian was there and got to talk to some investors.
“They are blown away by the Sether journey. I’m glad to see that our enthusiasm is so widely shared. I’m not surprised that people with an eye out for business are very interested, Sether has immense potential. Just now I’m answering follow up calls from agencies and other partners in that area.”

The Crypto Summit that SXSW held from Monday 12 of March to Wednesday 14 of March is reason enough for the high crypto enthusiast concentration. It was very informative for intermediate crypto-fans as had much to learn about the blockchain and how it can impact our world. After attending a few talks, Ian – who is a crypto-veteran – didn’t find out anything new, but when you have a blockchain startup as a partner, you can’t really be caught off guard. There was also a SXSW “women in blockchain” meetup at the JW Mariott, where they could learn about the blockchain or share their experience with the industry with those who are just at the beginning. Karen Ottonoly from Tata Consultancy services(TCS) and Nataliya Stanetsky from L’oreal were the speakers who guided the conversations, exploring the blockchain potential of creating a more
inclusive culture that could benefit anyone. The summit featured blockchain content, ICO pitches, VIP events, and parties during two full days, followed by an open bar after party at the Hotel van Zandt.