Gamification: transform your marketing into entertainment

The game is on: you will be able to use Sether to enhance your current business and build new services and applications, on and off the blockchain, that engage your users on social networks, through gamification.

It’s a system that’s already employed in the mobile gaming industry, with great success. Users can carry out specific tasks and receive in-game advantages. It’s also used in crowd-powered apps like Waze. Smart mobile marketers create their products with gamification techniques in mind. But the system is only able to perform in the specific context where the gains are valuable – a game or app. By posting a review, for example, you automatically receive an in-game bonus, one that has value because you would have had to pay for it with real money to get it.

How to play games with smart contracts

You have your marketing needs: to promote your products, to keep your clients engaged and to grow your client base. You can create a system – within your current business structure – that automatically rewards anyone getting involved in carrying out actions that sustain your business interests.

Ask them to carry out specific actions: post keywords, links, pictures or videos, give reviews, post comments, like specific targets or retweet messages. By setting up this system, you ensure that your business grows and develops intuitively, along with your clients’ needs or benefits.

How is this a new thing? Isn’t everyone already doing this?

What’s new is the smart contract reliability and automation offered by Sether. Until now, you could attempt to make a similar system, but there was no way to provide a solid guarantee that all sides get their end of the deal. And, of course, you would have to manually monitor all operations. This prevents any gamification attempt, as gamification requires providing instant effects.

Now, you can accomplish all these tasks using Sether’s Bounty Campaign feature to validate their actions and give rewards.