Finally, a tool for automating success

Today’s market is a game everybody on the planet watches, and where every other player is a competitor. To be in the game, marketers must have a special set of skills. Traditional marketing needs a lot of hands, there is manual labor to be done. Digital marketing, on the other hand, does not require actual hands. It’s full of repeated digital tasks and you only carry bundles of bits and bytes. Success means automating these tasks.

There are huge numbers of users, and even larger counts of bulk data transferred every day. A great ad your client sees now will be forgotten just an hour later. Everyone is fighting for that attention span, every competitor wants a little spot of attention, and they are very skilled at it. To compete with this you have to employ the most advanced tech available, to replace all the work a human being wouldn’t even be able to accomplish. And all this tech does is automation.

Take, for example, the above survey graph. “Which, if any, of the following benefits of marketing automation you actually realized?” Used for more than two years, marketers have seen 74% better messaging and content publishing, 69% better lead management and 40% increased revenue.

As per VB Insights, in 2015, 91% of all successful marketers had agreed that automation is important for them. In 2016, two-thirds of marketers interviewed used the automation technology in their marketing, and close to half in 2017. 77% of marketers had increased conversion and 80% marketers saw an increase in their leads.

SETHER, a new Ethereum blockchain platform in development, presents marketers worldwide with the most advanced marketing automation platform to date, all backed up by the incorruptible Smart Contracts. It’s going to run on SETH Tokens, so make a solid step towards automating your marketing by buying some tokens and registering on – no one needs to be a digital market loser in 2018.