Everything You Wanted to Know About SETHER – AMA – Telegram Session

A community whose questions get answers is a happy community. We truly understand the undeniable value of listening to your community and so, a few days ago, we’ve had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, held by O. Oancea, CEO of Sether, on our Telegram channel.

This was the first of many, as we plan to constantly have this kind of communication with our community. The questions that were asked during the AMA session and of course, the answers, are to be found below.

  • Will Sether be listed on other exchanges any time soon?
    The short answer is yes, we have initiated listings for other exchanges. But let’s put things in perspective for a moment.
    “We have firstly chosen HITBTC because it was an exchange listed with a lot of volumes, which was of interest for us. Unfortunately, we were affected exactly by this lack of volumes. Small sales drive the price to lower points. Since this result, we started the discussions with many other exchanges to find a right solution. Listing on exchanges is not simple and it is extremely costly, unfortunately. Therefore, for the next ones we need to approach everything correctly. Some exchanges want a certain transaction volume, some want to have the platform built to a certain level before assessing and listing. That is why it takes time. BTC/SETH pair will be added in a couple of days, but this will not change the situation dramatically. And we did not approach the way of paying for artificial pumps because this is not us. Listing the token to the exchanges do not guarantee volume or price increase.”

  • Which is the Marketing Plan for Sether?
    From awareness campaigns to media relations lobby to connecting with industry related people, Sether is going all in and enabling Marketing at its full power. All done in a solid way – the Sether way.
    “Communication and Marketing strategy is in the making, everything is in development. These include participation to events like Cannes Lions and other industry-specific ones. And it also includes lobby for media relations and industry related people. This is an integrated process which takes a little time to be done in a solid way. We will not wait until the platform is fully developed, but just some key features which are needed by the large brands to demonstrate the disruption. Doing random public appearances or paid articles in newspapers would not help Sether for medium and long-term.”

  • Why is there no hype around Sether?
    Before anything else, the hype must be sustainable. And the industry will be positively surprised once they will see what we bring to the table. Hype is on its way, that is for sure. “We need to demonstrate to enterprises what they can do with us and at that moment, they will talk about us. And it will be hype for sure. The hype must be sustainable. Few ICOs will manage to hype indefinitely without having a working product. There will be many bull runs and many crashes, but if the token will have no use they will in the end disappear. We are very confident that through what we are going to show, the industry will be positively surprised. We have now good feedback from large companies, but it is conceptual since they cannot test it or get the feel of it.”

  • When moon?
    Sether is not jumping any steps, it follows the roadmap and delivers accordingly. We want to build a product that will be used for business, we are not aiming to become obsolete, but absolutely useful businesswise.
    “We are a software house which delivers software platforms for open sources intelligence and not only, so we know how to deliver. But we are not used to the emotional crypto market, I admit that. In any business from normal life, you just cannot do in a couple of months an enterprise with marketing, product, delivery, partners, etc. To do it the right way. We are used to doing a project plan with milestones and deliver by those milestones. Right now there are hundreds of blockchains and crypto banks and etc… but what we really need is for the businesses to use them. Otherwise, all the crypto market will disappear in the end for lack of utility and the tech will go obsolete.”

  • Will companies be buying SETH from the market to fund their campaigns, or from your pool of SETH?
    Campaigns will be funded with Seth from the market.
    “Companies will be buying SETH from the market.”

  • What will happen to the price of SETH?
    We are getting the platform ready, marketing is developing as we speak. The future looks bright from where we stand.
    “The price can grow through 3 channels: demand on platform, awareness and marketing and pumps. For the demand we need the platform ready, for the marketing and awareness I explained above that there is a need for an integrated campaign to sustain this which will be ready and applied together with some key features of the product.”

  • Is John McAfee still part of the team?
    McAfee is a Sether Advisor.
    “McAfee is part of the team, he is an Advisor for Sether. He will help to promote the platform when it will be ready to roll.”

  • Is Sether targeting industry specific events during 2018?
    Our plan is to attend important events that will help us grow and shed light on all the amazing things Sether can do.
    “One major event is Cannes Lions festival in June. The second will probably be in London. We need industry related events.”

  • Is there something that we “standard” investors can do to help the platform growing (besides hodling of course)?
    Sharing is caring. Talk about Sether, share what we’re doing and create awareness. Advocate our platform at your workplace, on your social networks or on markets everywhere. And let us know all about valuable people who can help the project grow in awareness.
    “Yes, definitely. Creating awareness about the project on your channels. Recommending/introducing us trusted valuable persons which can make awareness about the project.”

  • Production timeline still ok? How is the development going?
    The production timeline is ok, we are following the roadmap.
    “Timelines are good so far. Due to the requirements coming from the brands we are pitching to join us, we will operate a switch in the roadmap putting in priority the KPIs and marketing campaign for brands. We need to be ready for proof on concepting with some large organizations, so we will prioritize accordingly. We will announce this switch next week. It is a switch between the releases basically.”

  • How is your execution matching up to your original planning? Would you say that you are accomplishing your milestones as you expected, or have you encountered more unforeseen issues that you originally expected? To that later point, how do you feel about your risk management thus far?
    Everything is going as planned and we’re reaching all our milestones.
    “The execution is matching the planning and we are not worried about the platform delivery. There were surprises (we will do an inside backstage story on this) but we are pleased with the progress. Then again, Facebook and CA scandal appeared, and the game will change. And the market will change all the time, but everything is around the data and the people. We have the mission to build a flexible platform able to accommodate the business changes.”

  • What would you say are the top risks that you’re addressing?
    Cryptocurrency adoption, fighting disruption and exiting the comfort zone are the top risks we are addressing.
    “The first major risk is cryptocurrency adoption and blockchain’s businesses capacity to mainstream the concept. If there is no real business in the blockchain, with real customers and transactions, well, then everything is for nothing. From where I stand, it is mandatory for the utility ICOs and of course, not only for them but actually, for everybody in the industry, to deliver and build this businesswise. The second risk is fighting with disruption and exiting the comfort zone. Talking about disruption, take a look at what happened with Kodak and the digital revolution, with the taxi industry when Uber appeared, or with the accommodation area through the emergence of Airbnb. And the list goes on. One fact is clear, the Giants are fighting back with all means because they neither have the capacity nor the size to adapt. Also, you can now see a lot of companies talking about blockchain (Oracle is one example). They are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. And trust me when I say, they will not have the ability to adapt. Only new players will do this because, for all the large inflexible players, the blockchain is just a marketing approach, they’re simply trying to be there.”

  • Why were you not able to launch Kucoin in March? What happened? And when will it be listed there?
    Getting listed is a process that implies a bit more than asking for the listing itself – there are other factors that must be taken into consideration, factors that we do not control. And this process sometimes takes a bit of time and unfortunately, it does not solely depend on our efforts.
    “We are working with intermediary people for this since the exchanges have a “way of communicating”. So, we hope to get to business discussions soon not only with them but with others as well. And after to decide the best way. We can only announce dates when they are confirmed. We have said that we are trying to finalize in March. With HITBTC we started at the beginning of Jan and finalized in March.”

One last thing from our side.
We would like to send out a huge thank you to all the community members who are constantly supporting us. We will do everything in our power keep our community as happy as possible. And in order to do just so, we have great things coming up, making the Sether platform the place to be for agencies, brands, influencers altogether. KPI Development, Payment Monitoring, Proof-of-Performance are only a few of the many things we plan to integrate, so, keep an eye on us and spread the word about Sether – together we are making the crypto game stronger.
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