Development overview & upcoming feature release

Details about our new logo and site, our monthly development plan until May, and a step-by-step feature presentation for our new Bounty Campaign Management system

We are constantly working on developing the platform and expanding the business. Our growing team is super-enthusiastic and keeps shortening the duration of each development flight. Here’s where we are now, marketing and product development wise.

The Marketing

We have a new logo, part of the brand identity developed with our new team and our friends from Share Creative. We are hyped with the results and hope you feel the same (share in the comments). You’ll see more and more of the new design concept, applied to the upcoming campaigns and augmenting the user experience.

The site is one of our main focuses, the UI and UX are constantly improved, allowing a seamless product and visual experience. Our team is already working on the next version, a completely new concept, integrating a narrative way to discover all our tools and features — we’ll keep you updated on its development.


The Product

With the Data Collection feature perfected to a tee, we’ve been developing our next feature: The Bounty Campaign Manager. Brands can now gather and work with a community of supporters, set weekly promotion goals on Facebook and Twitter and allocate stakes for user participation. On our next release, we will extend the reach of our feature to Reddit, Instagram, Telegram, blogs & other content channels, while adding a deeper set of campaign analytics to your dashboard.

By the end of April, we’re planning to offer brands worldwide the possibility to create their own ERC20 tokens to fund their products or campaigns. This release will also allow our clients to approve influencer generated content and to target their campaigns geographically.

Next in line is our Marketing Campaign Governance tool, to offer Advertising Agencies the possibility to manage campaigns for their clients and conduct them according to set performance indicators. This feature will be released at the end of May.

The Feature

Fresh off the oven is our new Bounty Campaign Manager. Big brands or small enterprises, whether you already have a fan base or not at all, you’ll need this tool if you want to grow the organic reach of your campaigns or empower the community you activate.

You will be able to conduct a lengthy marketing campaign based solely on the people that like or support your products. The manager allows you to set specific Facebook or Twitter tasks and reward everyone involved — according to their participation — using crypto.

How to join forces with us

The community has been highly supportive of our efforts, and constantly sending valuable advice, opinions, all the while encouraging us to focus and turn Sether into the global giant we want it to be.

We are pleased to announce that with the release of our bounty campaign tool, the community can now directly influence the growth and reach of our venture. We will set up a constant bounty campaign to help our marketing campaigns reach farther organically.

We would like to thank everybody for their support and wish our Sixteen Thousand believers (you know who you are, drop us a comment) to hold their tokens and their drive for the upcoming marketing effort.