Code of Talent: The first ICO to automate its Bounty campaign with Sether


Fresh out of the Beta phase, Sether 1.0 will test their new Influencer Bounty Campaign tool with Code of Talent, the first ICO to hold a Bounty campaign on the platform. Code of Talent is the world’s first blockchain powered micro-learning platform designed to uplift people’s learning motivation.

Code of Talent aims to transform education by giving everyone in the world the chance for a better life, through learning. The platform addresses existing problems in the classroom or online learning such as lack of motivation and engagement, interaction, access to good teachers and the chance to develop useful skills.

Code of Talent uses micro-learning and blockchain to address these problems. The micro-learning gamification engine provides engagement through short 10 min learning sessions, in small groups and direct teacher interaction. It uses blockchain technology to create an incentive system for both learners and educators. Now you earn while learning. As a student, you can develop skills by participating in micro-learning sessions created by teachers from different corners of the world. Those skills are stored by the blockchain as an immutable track of accomplishments, that employers can access. Code of Talent’s sustainable token economy includes third parties such as sponsors, advertisers, premium content providers and employers.

The MVP is already released and presents itself as B2B micro-learning platform, already used by paying corporate customers. Check out their MVP and ICO website.

Conducting their Bounty Campaign on Sether, Code of Talent will reward people who complete specific social media tasks with their own token, CODE. Smart contracts will ensure automatic participant verification, task completion, stake allocation and payment, turning ICO bounty management – previously requiring a team effort – into a task for a single man.

The Bounty Campaign will be active on Sether before the end of April, reaching all social media channels and using a point reward system based on the famous “stakes”, gathered by all bounty hunters in manually conducted Bitcointalk bounties.

All participants welcome.