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The Difference between ‘Doing Social’ and Winning at Social

The difference between ‘doing social’ and winning at social When brands make the decision to ‘do social’, there is usually...

Entrepreneurs News

Advertising Anonymous is here

Competition across Ad Land has never been higher, and with increased pressure on quick turnarounds and cost efficiency, it’s made...


The 2nd AMA Telegram Session with Sether’s CTO

A few days ago we’ve had our 2nd AMA session, held by our CTO, F. Burca, on our Telegram channel....


SETHER Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

SETHER –  The Blockchain Marketing platform that enables marketers everywhere to target customers, create loyalty, deploy marketing campaigns, segment their...


Everything You Wanted to Know About SETHER – AMA – Telegram Session

A community whose questions get answers is a happy community. We truly understand the undeniable value of listening to your...


The Facebook problem is public discernment, not data privacy

Our take on “The Facebook problem”, political manipulation and why fake news have nothing on data privacy. Where should we...