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Entrepreneurs News

Advertising Anonymous is here

Competition across Ad Land has never been higher, and with increased pressure on quick turnarounds and cost efficiency, it’s made...


Influencer Campaigns And The New Chance to Grow Your Organic Reach

Blockchain marketing helps brands and start-ups reach and mobilize an army of micro-influencers through the automated influencer campaign feature. The...


How to surf the influencer marketing tsunami

People want to be part of something bigger. And of course, being part of something bigger implies a community that...


SETH: Tokenising Big Data analytics for the Blockchain

Access to big data analytics, previously a very expensive tool, reserved for the corporations and public institutions that can afford...


Gamification: transform your marketing into entertainment

The game is on: you will be able to use Sether to enhance your current business and build new services...


Finally, a tool for automating success

Today’s market is a game everybody on the planet watches, and where every other player is a competitor. To be...