We are Sether®

Using Blockchain Technology to enhance marketing techniques, automate and manage influencer campaigns, mediate client-agency work and tokenise future products and services.

Our Vision

We feel that the way online advertising and influencer marketing campaigns are being conducted at present can be dramatically improved.

We need clear data and specific KPI development in order to understand what the effects of our budgets and strategies actually are. This is where we can bring great improvements with Sether. A proper and efficient data strategy will benefit direct-to-consumer marketing strategies by rewarding them for advocating your brand.

What we plan is to aim the marketing directly to the consumer, by cutting out the middlemen using the Blockchain. No need for shops in the future. And no place for data carrier market monopoly.


It takes a large number of enthusiastic believers in the Blockchain to power up a revolutionary business idea. Sixteen thousand, to be exact. These people are intimidatingly smart, all visionaries with titanium nerves to the last. They smelled a good idea a mile away, many of them from thousands of miles, and now hold the barometer of our success in their crypto-wallets.
Sether will offer them priority to platform projects or paid mediator positions. We will also develop a Token Holder section on our site, where we will keep our Sixteen Thousand informed, also offering them special opportunities and responsibilities on the platform.